The fishing hook is tied to a helium balloon with a cord. To make sure that it does not fly away, it is secured with a knot to an anchor just below the surface of the water. This special knot (called the ›robbers knot‹) is undone when a fish takes the bait and the balloon rises up to 32000 meters.

material: cooling unit, frozen cactus, planting pot
installation started 12 april 05 at Galerie Rainer Wehr, Stuttgart
The cactus is mounted on top of a cooling unit which constantly cools the cactus. You hear the usual noise of the cooling unit that has been taken from an old refrigerator. The cactus freezes because warmth is withdrawn from it. This warmth is transported away through the cooling coils of the coolant cycle. Below the window, the cooling coils are fixed like a heating and radiate the warmth. The humidity of the room and the breathing of the viewers freezes into a crystal white layer of ice and makes the cactus grow bigger and bigger. The last image shows the installation a year after the exhibition in a cellar.

The unconditioned suckling reflex is a common primary instinct with in mammals. A swinging to and fro is triggered with a mechanical stimulus that aims to occupy the ideal place with optimal efficiency. Whenever this place is found coordinated sucking movements occur. At the beginning it is a pumped sucking whereas after a few weeks it is transformed into a licked sucking. The sucking of the milk occurs first by generating a negative pressure. After 3-4 months the milk is being squeezed by so called ›milking movements‹. When a state of maximized repletion is reached the suckling reflex is adjusted, dependent upon to the amount of milk absorbed and the number of sucking movements completed.

material: 2 tape recorders, 40 m audio tape
In the cellar the tone of a dripping drop is being recorded by a microphone that is linked to a tape recorder, then transported on the tape all the way through ceilings to the fourth floor. Every time a drop reaches the fourth floor it will be audible with a second tape recorder, at the same rate that the drops are dripping. The previous drop recordings are then erased and the tape runs down the hole again, 2.5 m away, to fetch a new drop in an never ending circle.